Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bids needed

Our poor old house.

1) Kitchen floor replaced with laminate or ?? we are open to all kinds of materials. Kitchen is galley style, about 14.5' x 10' in the actual kitchen, and the floor would continue down into a laundry room and pantry, another 13' x 6'. We are replacing a dishwasher and countertops, so this would be the only one thing we would like to have done soon.


2) Deck. We have a very old and rotting deck. We would like to replace it with something green that would not need much upkeep. Approximately 25' x 12', or maybe increase from 12 to 16'. There are two steps down, and it is all covering an old cement slab and narrow cement steps.


3) Front and back doors, we need some new ones badly, and need them installed.


4) Hardwood floor issue - we have a weird little cemented patch about 5 feet long, we are currently covering it with a little rug.


5) Front porch - we have a cement thing, very ugly. Needs some beautification, and rid ourselves of, or hide some ugly wrought iron. We have no real ideas, except maybe a cement treatment of some kind or ???


6) We have some old cabinets in the kitchen that are still in excellent shape - we would like to have some sort of pullouts installed in some of those. Again, open to ideas !

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